Tenant Handbook

Special Instructions

Associated with the construction of every new tenant space are installations that exceed or vary from building standards. Based on our experience we can anticipate the types of items that will require special attention, and by categorizing and discussing them here, we can help you avoid unnecessary delays and surprises. In general, the majority of the problems can be avoided if all the information on special installations or equipment has been obtained and included on the construction drawings. The following are some of the issues that may be associated with the construction of improvements in your offices:

  1. Contact and coordinate with the telephone company representative early. Depending on the phone system selected, particularly if it is a private system, special conduit and/or electrical or location requirements, different from building standard, may exist. It is a good idea to review the telephone installation shown on the final working drawings with the telephone company representative as early as possible
  2. Copier machines usually have special electrical requirements. The size and type of electrical service must be placed on the electrical working drawings. In addition, these machines normally have special outlets that are furnished by the copier company. They should be delivered to the landlord early enough to be installed prior to the move-in.
  3. Attention should be given to special equipment such as computers, word processors or telecopiers, which may require special electrical or mechanical installations to function properly. If electrical consumption of special equipment is greater than normal office equipment, a means of calculating or measuring the excess cost of such energy must be determined.
  4. In some cases special equipment or concentrated files or bookcases may exceed the load limits of the floors and attention must be given to distribute the weight over a greater area.
  5. Cabinets, bookcases, special finishes, "built-in" construction, glasswork, folding partitions, etc., are examples of above standard improvements. We will do our best to complete this type of work prior to move-in. However, often the delivery of materials or specialized labor will cause delays beyond our control. We cannot be responsible for any delays associated with this work. Later completion of these improvements will not delay the Lease Commencement Date.