Tenant Handbook

Tenant Move-In Procedures

In a building the size of Wisconsin Place it is imperative that a move-in schedule be developed to avoid conflicts and overloading of facilities. Accordingly, tenants are requested to plan for a specific move-in time and date as soon as possible after receiving notification of when the space will be ready for occupancy. At a minimum, 48 hours notice is required prior to the arrival of the moving company. To avoid disrupting the construction schedule and the operations of tenants who have previously occupied their premises, move-ins will be permitted only after 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, and anytime on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The Tenant has the option to have a building engineer on duty to assist with any facility, elevator, and security concerns and to supervise the use of the loading dock, building entrances, lobbies, and elevators for an additional cost. His instructions on the use of these areas and facilities should be strictly followed. He is not authorized to assist your movers in carrying items, placing furniture, or trash removal.

Tenants should use the freight or other designated elevators to transport the furniture to their floor. Further information regarding the Service Elevator can be found in Section 3.C of this handbook. Tenants should confirm that their movers will provide protective coverings for common area and tenant space carpeting. Repairs of any damage to the loading dock, common area, or tenant spaces during the move shall be billed to the tenant. Tenants are encouraged to have their mover review the building with the Chief Engineer prior to moving.