Tenant Handbook

Move-In Contact Person

It has been our experience that effective communications between landlord and tenant will prevent the vast majority of move-in problems.  Accordingly, we request that one person be appointed as your move-in coordinator with responsibility for transmitting all requests for services and inquiries and for receiving notices and replies from Boston Properties.  We feel that this single contact person prevents duplication of effort and enables your organization to be sure your requests are being transmitted and acted upon.  Ideally this would be someone who is readily accessible and who has an overall working knowledge of your organization.

We would appreciate notification in writing of the name of this person and the name of an alternate in case of illness, vacations, etc.  Boston Properties requests that all communications from the tenant be transmitted through that person, except in the event of emergencies, in which case we will respond to any call.

The Boston Properties' contact will be the Property Management office.  All requests should be directed to the Property Management team which is comprised of the following personnel:

Rose Salla
Property Manager
Liz Belfield
Property Management Coordinator
Susan Cyran
Senior Property Manager
(301) 968-0690

In addition, the Property Management office will issue all notices from the Landlord regarding status reports, inspections and move-in dates.