Tenant Handbook

Parking Garage

The parking spaces will be allocated in accordance with your Lease Agreement. The garage is a self-park facility that is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays to monthly card holders only and Monday through Friday (excluding Federal holidays) during the normal hours of operation of the Building on such days.

Office tenants are asked to park on the P-4 level of the garage and to enter the garage at the P-3 entrance located on Friendship Boulevard. Visitors may enter at the P-1 entrance located on Friendsihp Boulevard or the P-3 entrance and will be required to take a ticket to enter. Visitors who have received parking validations may use them at the attendant booth at the Visitor entrance on P-1.

Daily parkers will pay for their parking at any of the Pay-On-Foot stations located throughout the garage.

Parking validations may be purchased from the parking management company,

LAZ Parking
Direct: (301) 841-4005
Fax: (301) 841-4007