Tenant Handbook

Fire Protection and Emergency Exit Stairs

Fire alarms and hose cabinets are located on each floor of the office buildings and in the public corridors leading to all emergency exit stairs. You should become familiar with the location and operation of the fire extinguishers located in the common areas and fire alarm pull stations and the use of the emergency exit stairs. In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation of the building, the fire alarm pull station should be operated. This will notify the fire department and sound an alarm in the building. Evacuation of the building should be by the emergency exit stairs only. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. Proceed to the nearest stairwell following the emergency exit signs. You will exit the building through the fire exits located behind the building and proceed to your company’s designated congregation point. Do not congregate in the road or near the building. This is very dangerous, the road is for fire apparatus and there is a danger of falling glass.

Each tenant will be asked to supply a proposed congregation point for their company to the Property Management team. The Property Management team will review the proposed location to ensure no conflicts with any other tenant of the building.

In addition, the Property Management team will request information from each tenant related to persons with special needs (injuries, disabilities, etc.) and will keep this information on record for emergency personnel to reference. More information can be found in the building’s Emergency Management Plan.