Tenant Handbook

Bomb Threat Procedures

Boston Properties would like to ensure that our tenants are familiar with its procedure for handling bomb threats as well as to inform you that Boston Properties has an organized plan to respond to threats of this nature.

If a threat is received directly by our office, we would immediately notify the local Police Department. After notifying the Police Department, part of the building management staff immediately begins searching all the public areas (restrooms, stairwells, lobbies, garage, etc.) for unfamiliar or suspicious items. At the same time, other members of the building management staff would notify all of our tenants of the threat and provide you with all of the information available at that time. Following the completion of our building check, the building management staff would be available to assist the Police Department.

Unless the Police Department makes a specific request, the decision to evacuate will be made by each tenant for their own personnel. The only exception would be if a threat were received stating a bomb was due to detonate before the above procedure could be initiated. In this case, the fire alarm would be activated for immediate evacuation.

You should also be aware that when a specific time is given for a bomb detonation, our personnel are instructed to vacate the building for one hour before until one hour after the stated time.

Should you receive a threat directly, please immediately contact the police. AFTER NOTIFYING THE POLICE, please call Boston Properties at 301-968-0690. We would then implement the emergency plan as outlined above.

For your information, please find attached a copy of our telephone bomb threat checklist as well as a copy of our building search checklist for your use in preparing a plan for your own office area.

While the incident of actual bombings is extremely low compared to the number of threats, it is nonetheless important to handle the situation in an organized and efficient manner. Please do not hesitate to contact our Property Management office if you would like to discuss this matter in further detail, or if you have any questions in ways to improve the emergency plan.