Tenant Handbook

Major Tenant Alterations

We recognize that, from time to time, your space or service needs may change and require physical alterations to your premises. In order to ensure that your request for these tenant alterations is coordinated properly and promptly, Boston Properties can act as construction manager and represent the tenant in all alterations.

For all major tenant alterations, it shall be the tenant's responsibility to prepare and submit three (3) sets of Plans and Specifications for approval to the building’s Construction Manager for review and comments. Contact information for the building’s Construction Manager is as follows:

Carl Slagle
2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 200W
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 585-0868

Upon receipt of the approved plans, Boston Properties will prepare a construction cost proposal with subcontractor/vendor prices and review the cost proposal with the tenant. When the tenant has approved the cost proposal, Boston Properties will award the subcontracts. Once construction has begun, Boston Properties will coordinate the work, provide inspections as required, and clean up and monitor the completion of any punch list items once construction has been completed.

Boston Properties shall add a percentage based construction management fee to the cost of the work as compensation for our overhead and services. All of our incidental and out-of-pocket costs required to complete this work will be billed to you at your cost.

In any event, no alterations or improvements are permitted without the prior written consent of Boston Properties as managing agent for the Landlord. For the protection of all tenants, Boston Properties will impose conditions for carrying out any alterations or improvements which ensure that the building will not be damaged in any way and that the work is performed in a manner which will not inconvenience or endanger occupants or the visitors to Wisconsin Place. Tenants not adhering to the procedures outlined above will be totally responsible for any and all costs relating to improper installation or damages to the equipment, building or general property.

We believe this procedure will give you the best coordination possible, while recognizing that your normal work activity must continue with the least amount of interruptions.