Tenant Handbook

Tenant Emergency Management Plan

Wisconsin Place Tenant Emergency Management Plan can be found by clicking on the Tenant Emergency Management Plan link found under the Tenant Forms tab at www.wisconsinplaceoffice.com. It consists of three elements, Fire Prevention, Fire Education and Evacuation Procedures. With an internal chain of command and working with Montgomery County Fire Department, we can insure a safe facility for the tenants of this complex.

Responsible people including Boston Properties staff and tenants are appointed to act as Fire Wardens, Assistant Fire Wardens and Searchers to participate and lend their service to this plan.

The value of the Fire Life Safety Team should not be underestimated in the task they have to perform and the benefit that is realized. It is people helping people to prevent injury or mishap. Proper drills ensure orderly egress under controlled circumstances and prevent the panic that has been responsible for the greater part of the loss of life in the major fire disasters of history.